The House of Fellowship is a Recovery Community Support Organization that encourages and support personal recovery by offering non-clinical peer to peer assistance, recovery-based activates that helps support recovery, reduce relapse, and promote high-level wellness in individuals, families, and the community.


Welcoming all pathways to recovery, as there are many avenues to growth.

Founded by men and women in recovery led, and governed by local representatives of the Dothan recovery community, the House of Fellowship (HOF), Recovery Community Organization (HOF) is at the core for all things recovery–a safe and fun environment for both individuals already in recovery and those who are seeking recovery and fellowship with the recovery community. 

We work with local and state agencies to bring recovery resources to the HOF and allow partners to occupy office space within the HOF. These partnerships allow access to crucial components of navigating recovery and cultivating the supports individuals impacted by addiction need. The HOF also creates an environment in which recovery advocates can organize themselves, form partnerships, and receive training focused on how to engage with the community and media. 

The HOF space hosts recovery meetings, board meetings, education classes, and training, and the facility offers a family-friendly environment, computer lab, quiet lounge, meditation space, recreational areas, and finally, a studio where the HOF will launch, host, and operate its own podcast providing a platform for voices of recovery. At the HOF, we believe strongly that breaking the stigma of addiction and recovery is paramount, and this studio space will be utilized for media training and coaching to aid individuals in learning how to effectively speak to the community about their recovery journey and confront stigmatizing beliefs about addiction that permeate our social consciousness. 

We are excited to share our vision with you and welcome you to the HOF family!


House of Fellowship

1970 Reeves, Suite 221

Northview Plaza

Dothan, AL 36301

(334) 446-6186    Cell:334-805-1824

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